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5 Things You Can Do At The Beach With Your Kids

The beach is a huge playground for kids where they can run wild, play barefooted, swim all day, and have fun. It can be a perfect family vacation spot if you’re well prepared. Obviously, the combination of fine sand and clear water offers free play and can boost kid’s imaginations in creating remarkable activities and games.

So you think you’re ready to hit the beach with your kids?

You’ll never have to worry about thinking of the best activities to do at the beach ever again, with these five fun-packed and interesting ideas, there is no shortage of ‘things-to-do’ for your tots to enjoy.

1. Building a Sandcastle

Building sandcastles is absolutely an enjoyable beach activity for kids on which they can creatively express their talents and imagination. While they can dig and shape sands with nothing but their hands, having the right tools will make their sandcastling experience more fun and pleasurable. So make sure to include sandcastling equipment like lightweight shovel, bucket and carving tools in your packing list.

flying a kite2. Flying a Kite

Spending a windy day on the beach as you fly a kite with your little one is an exciting and one of a kind experience. Looking at their own kite as it soars, dips and blown by the wind is something you will treasure as a beautiful memory of their childhood. Just be sure to confirm the allowed time for kite flying but as long as you’re not disturbing anyone, you’re good to go. The most recommended flying time is after 5:00 pm because there’s more wind as the sun sets in.

3. Swimming

Of course, a day at the beach isn’t complete without a splash of fun. But before hitting the ocean, make sure to know the safety measures such as the red flags that indicate water currents, weather updates, basic swimming skills, protection from too much sun and jelly fish stings. Kids should always wear a life vests especially when doing activities like paddling, boating, kayaking or snorkeling. Never allow them to swim alone.

4. Stand up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddling (aka SUP) is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. It’s an easy sport to learn; all you really need is an inflatable paddle board and a paddle, and you’re ready to hit the water. Although, it’s recommended to use a leash and a personal floatation device for your little ones as well. Not only will they enjoy paddling out on the water, allowing your child to get involved in this type of water activity will help improve their balance, fitness, confidence, and coordination.

5. Playing Games

There are plenty of games that kids and adults can play on a sandy beach. Popular ones include Tug-O-War, volleyball, football, sandcastle contests, treasure hunt and beach bowling. Which games are suitable on the beach rely on how fine the sand is, how wide the area is or how crowded the beach was. But be it an ordinary day or a special occasion celebrated at the beach, you can organize a few games to get everyone active and happy.

What’s your family’s favorite beach activity? We’re happy to hear your ideas!


6 Smart Parenting Tips For An Enjoyable Snacking At The Beach

There is nothing more enjoyable than spending a little fun under the sun at a serene beach, surrounded by breathtaking views, together with your family or loved ones. Undoubtedly, a beach vacation is a favorite travel destination for most families because it offers plenty of activities to explore, particularly for parents who travel with kids. The children will less likely to get bored since they can enjoy playing on the sand, build sandcastles, swim, snorkel, and eat.

On the other hand, planning a trip to the beach with little ones is a huge challenge for some parents. Between food preparation, packing everything, booking a trip, and strategizing activities, there are a lot of things to do.

What are the things you should bring? How are you going to organize and carry all this stuff? What about food?"

Take a deep breath and have a stress-free planning your family day at the beach with these six smart parenting tips for an enjoyable snacking at the beach.

get to the beach earlyTip 1: Arrive at the Beach Early

If you want to get a good spot at the best beach, make sure to travel early. By doing so, you can get rid of the crowded areas, have more time to relax and reserve rooms appropriate for your troops.

Tip 2: Gear Up

Unless you have adult companions who can help you set up everything, loading your car with reliable equipments is important to help you from getting things in and out of the car as well as some essential tools that can be helpful in many other ways. You can consider bringing rolling carts, shade providing gear, cooler, solar charger, inflatable pillow, portable shower, and bag organizer with kids stuff.

Tip 3: Stock Up Smart

Load a larger cooler or thermal bags with big water bottles, ice, lots of snacks, and water of course. For food ideas, you can pack slices of fruits, cut veggies, juice pops, cheese sticks, chips, and sandwiches – there are ton of great beach snack recipes out there! It would be smart to freeze your foods to save some space in your cooler and have a lesser ice packs. You can freeze water bottles, some fruits, and juices the night before the trip so you don’t have to worry about bringing lots of ice.

Tip 4: Bring Reusable Grocery Bags

Have a load of reusable grocery bags? Why not repurpose some of them as designated beach bags. They are your very useful friend that that can serve as a trash bin, store food and keep unwashed clothes separated from clean ones. In addition, this limits your use of plastic bags, an environmental foe.


Tip 5: Don’t Money for parkingForget The Essentials

Cash for parking, sunscreen for extra protection, beach towels (at least two), rash guards/change of clothes, diapers, wipes and emergency kit are some of the essentials you need to take into account particularly for unexpected circumstances.

Tip 6: Bring Toys They Can Use To Play On The Sand

Have a variety of toys that kids can play with so they won’t easily get bored. Some ideal beach toys for kids are sand shaper, sand bucket and shovel, sand golf, beach stamp and sand digger.

Generally, planning for a beach vacation with the whole family can be hectic, but patience and early preparation are very important. Snacking at the beach with your family is meant to be fun. So make sure to focus on spending quality time with your kids and appreciate the beautiful views around you.

Practicing Sun Safety – A Parent’s Guide To Sunburn-Free Beach Vacation


When the school year is over and summer season is about to begin, the kids are very excited for a beach vacation with their families. Spending days on the beach brings a lot of fun and pleasure for the whole family. The sheer amount of activities that everybody can engage in at the beach makes it a perfect destination to relax, have fun, and enjoy.

But when the sun is up and extreme heat starts to hit the ground, it can be worrying for the little ones. Too much heat from the sun can ruin all the fun because of sunburn that will leave them feeling very irritated and uncomfortable. This is the effect of being directly exposed to UV radiation which is harmful on the skin and the long-term effects may even cause serious health problems.

As a parent, it’s important to keep your child protected from the sun and other harmful elements at all times. Help them enjoy the nice weather and activities at the beach by practicing these sun safety tips.

Use Sunscreen

use sunscreenUse sunblock lotion for kids with SPF 30 or higher. Apply sunscreen beforehand and teach your child to apply every 30 minutes before getting into the water since it wears off easily as they swim and sweat. The Mayo Clinic recommends applying sunscreen liberally to ensure you have ample sun protection. With sunscreen, your kids are protected from harmful rays, skin cancer, skin discolorations and blotchiness.

Use Proper Clothing

Clothing is a basic necessity and definitely one of the best ways to protect your child from extreme sun heat. There are plenty of appropriate swimsuits and accessories for the kids, but not all of them are created equal. You may opt for swimwear like solid thermal suits, rash guards and rash tees from quality brands. Try to cover as much skin with quality and Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) protected fabric.

Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat at the beach helps protect the hair, face and neck from the harmful UV rays. When out of the water, have your kids wear a 3-inch brim all around hat or a sun visor to protect their eyes, ears, nose, scalp, forehead and scalp particularly when they walk or play on the sand. The intensity of the sun changes over the course of time. So make sure to choose a sun hat with brim size that will suit both sunrise and sunset settings. Most importantly, select a hat that suits your child’s needs and is comfortable to wear.

drink water

Drink Water From Time To Time

You may not know it but our body becomes easily dehydrated while swimming. Even under the water, your body is still sweating and it can only take a few minutes to become dehydrated. Dehydration for children can be prevented by drinking water before, during and after they swim. So make sure that before they jump in or hit the water, they are drinking enough fluids to avoid bad effects of dehydration. These effects include cramping, headaches, and dizziness. Depending on their age, kids should drink more than 6 ounces of fluid every 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Remember to Protect Children

Children get sunburned when they are leaved unprotected under the sun for a very long period of time. Protect your child from sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays by practicing sun safety tips as mentioned above. Most importantly, plan ahead of time and always keep all the sun protection essentials handy.