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Month: January 2017

5 Things You Can Do At The Beach With Your Kids

The beach is a huge playground for kids where they can run wild, play barefooted, swim all day, and have fun. It can be a perfect family vacation spot if you’re well prepared. Obviously, the combination of fine sand and clear water offers free play and can boost kid’s imaginations in creating remarkable activities and games.

So you think you’re ready to hit the beach with your kids?

You’ll never have to worry about thinking of the best activities to do at the beach ever again, with these five fun-packed and interesting ideas, there is no shortage of ‘things-to-do’ for your tots to enjoy.

1. Building a Sandcastle

Building sandcastles is absolutely an enjoyable beach activity for kids on which they can creatively express their talents and imagination. While they can dig and shape sands with nothing but their hands, having the right tools will make their sandcastling experience more fun and pleasurable. So make sure to include sandcastling equipment like lightweight shovel, bucket and carving tools in your packing list.

flying a kite2. Flying a Kite

Spending a windy day on the beach as you fly a kite with your little one is an exciting and one of a kind experience. Looking at their own kite as it soars, dips and blown by the wind is something you will treasure as a beautiful memory of their childhood. Just be sure to confirm the allowed time for kite flying but as long as you’re not disturbing anyone, you’re good to go. The most recommended flying time is after 5:00 pm because there’s more wind as the sun sets in.

3. Swimming

Of course, a day at the beach isn’t complete without a splash of fun. But before hitting the ocean, make sure to know the safety measures such as the red flags that indicate water currents, weather updates, basic swimming skills, protection from too much sun and jelly fish stings. Kids should always wear a life vests especially when doing activities like paddling, boating, kayaking or snorkeling. Never allow them to swim alone.

4. Stand up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddling (aka SUP) is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. It’s an easy sport to learn; all you really need is an inflatable paddle board and a paddle, and you’re ready to hit the water. Although, it’s recommended to use a leash and a personal floatation device for your little ones as well. Not only will they enjoy paddling out on the water, allowing your child to get involved in this type of water activity will help improve their balance, fitness, confidence, and coordination.

5. Playing Games

There are plenty of games that kids and adults can play on a sandy beach. Popular ones include Tug-O-War, volleyball, football, sandcastle contests, treasure hunt and beach bowling. Which games are suitable on the beach rely on how fine the sand is, how wide the area is or how crowded the beach was. But be it an ordinary day or a special occasion celebrated at the beach, you can organize a few games to get everyone active and happy.

What’s your family’s favorite beach activity? We’re happy to hear your ideas!